10 types of traditional sweets of Uttarakhand

Bal-mithai: This is a traditional sweet of Uttarakhand which is liked very much by small children as well as elders.

Singhora: This delicious sweet is made in Uttarakhand especially during weddings and festivals.

Arisa: This is an old sweet from Uttarakhand which has the taste of rice and jaggery.

Gulgula: It is made with curd, wheat flour and sugar, and is a great way for people to enjoy sweets.

Kaafli (काफली): It is a kind of oily bread made with sesame seeds and jaggery and it is especially eaten on Makar Sankranti.

Jhangora Ki Kheer: Jhangora is a type of grain and kheer is made by mixing it with milk and sugar.

Urad Ke Laddu: It consists of urad dal, ghee, and jaggery, and is made like shakarpara.

Gulkand Roll: This sweet is a combination of Gulkand and Khoya, giving it a unique taste.

Sweet rice:Meetha Bhaat is a traditional Indian dish which is a delicious mixture of rice and sugar.

Date Cookies:. Its taste is good enough to feed kids and they love it.