10 unique types of sweets made from milk

Rabdi: It is a cold milky sweet made by slow cooking of milk and flavored with saffron and pistachio.

Milk Cake: It is a simple and delicious milky dessert made from milk, sugar and mawa.

Rasgulla: It is a sweet in the form of syrup and small pink balls, which is made from milk.

Balushahi: It is a tangy and milky sweet dipped in sugar syrup, and its specialty is its crispy and crunchy texture.

Malai Ghevar: It is a Rajasthani sweet made from milk, flour and ghee, and has crispy layers made from ghee.

Gulab Jamun: It is a sweet made from mawa and sugar syrup and dipped in pink colored syrup.

Cham Cham: It is a very sweet and colorful milky dessert made from mawa and sugar.

Kheer: It is a wonderful milky sweet made with rice, jaggery and grapes.

Kalakand: It is a milky sweet made with sugar and cottage cheese, and its specialty is its crispy and creamy layer.

Barfi: It is a simple sweet made from milk, sugar and coconut and its specialty is its small layers of barfi.