10 Type of Cham Cham Varieties

Strawberry Cham Cham: Sweet and tangy cham cham flavored with luscious strawberries, a fruity delight.

Pineapple Cham Cham: Tangy pineapple-flavored cham cham, bringing a tropical twist to the table.

Chocolate Cham Cham: Creamy cham cham infused with rich cocoa, offering a delightful chocolaty twist.

 Pistachio Cham Cham: Garnished with finely chopped pistachios for a nutty flavor and vibrant green color.

Coconut Cham Cham: Rolled in shredded coconut for a tropical touch and added texture.

Malai Cham Cham is cherished for its rich, indulgent flavor and is a favorite among sweet lovers in India and beyond.

 Rose Cham Cham: Fragrant rose-flavored cham cham, offering a romantic and aromatic experience.

Orange Cham Cham: Bursting with citrusy freshness, perfect for a refreshing dessert.

Almond Cham Cham: Rich cham cham infused with almond essence and garnished with almond slivers.

 Mango Cham Cham: Refreshing mango-flavored cham cham, perfect for summertime indulgence.