10 Type of Dhokla Variety

 Khaman Dhokla: A spongy and fluffy steamed cake made from fermented gram flour batter, known for its tangy and mildly sweet flavor.

 Bread Dhokla: A quick and innovative version, bread dhokla utilizes bread slices to create a hassle-free yet delicious snack.

 Doodhi dhokla is usually served with mint chutney or tamarind sauce, adding a zesty element to the overall experience.

Methi Dhokla: Enhanced with fenugreek leaves (methi), this version offers a unique combination of bitterness and earthy flavors.

 Corn Dhokla: A fusion delight, corn dhokla combines the sweetness of corn with the traditional dhokla preparation, resulting in a unique and flavorful dish.

Palak Dhokla: Infused with the goodness of spinach, this dhokla not only tastes great but also adds a vibrant green color to the dish.

Khatta Dhokla: Known for its sour taste, this dhokla is seasoned with a tangy mix of spices, making it a flavorful treat

 Rava Dhokla: A quick and easy version of dhokla made with semolina (rava) and yogurt, offering a delightful texture.

 Besan Dhokla: Traditional dhokla made with gram flour (besan), giving it a distinct taste and a soft, porous structure.

 Farali Dhokla: Perfect for fasting days, this dhokla is crafted with ingredients permissible during religious fasts, ensuring a tasty and compliant option.