10 Type of Testy Chila Variety

 Paneer Chila: Elevate your breakfast with this chila featuring crumbled paneer, adding a rich and creamy texture to every bite.

 Palak Chila: Infused with the goodness of spinach, this chila not only adds vibrant color but also provides a nutritious boost to your meal.

Sweet Jaggery Chila: Satisfy your sweet tooth with this chila made from besan and jaggery. It's a delightful dessert option or a sweet start to your day.

 Oats Chila: A healthy twist to the conventional recipe, incorporating oats into the batter for a fiber-rich and heart-friendly breakfast option.

Jowar Chila: Utilizing sorghum flour, these chilas are a gluten-free choice, perfect for those with dietary restrictions.

Rava Chila: Semolina-based pancakes that boast a delightful texture and can be customized with various veggies and seasonings.

Methi Chila: Infused with fenugreek leaves, methi chila offers a unique blend of flavors along with the health benefits of fenugreek, making it a wholesome choice for breakfast or brunch.

Tomato Onion Chila: A delightful mix of tomatoes and onions in the batter adds a tangy and savory flavor, making this chila a tasty and quick meal option.

 Ragi Chila: Utilizing the goodness of finger millet, ragi chila is a gluten-free option rich in fiber, minerals, and antioxidants.

Besan Chila: A classic Indian pancake made from gram flour, spices, and water. It's quick to prepare and versatile with various fillings.