10 Types of Healthy and Tasty Khichdi Variety

Jowar Khichdi: Incorporating sorghum millet, this khichdi is a wholesome and gluten-free alternative with a slightly nutty taste.

 Palak Khichdi: Adding a nutritious spin, this khichdi combines rice and lentils with the goodness of spinach, creating a vibrant and healthy dish.

Oats Khichdi: A healthy twist to the traditional recipe, substituting rice with oats for a nutritious and fiber-rich option.

Matar Khichdi: Highlighting the freshness of peas, this khichdi combines the goodness of rice, lentils, and vibrant green peas.

Sabudana Khichdi: Typically consumed during fasting, this dish includes soaked sago pearls, peanuts, and potatoes for a delightful fasting meal.

Paneer Khichdi: Elevate the humble khichdi with the addition of paneer cubes, providing a rich and indulgent twist to this beloved comfort food.

Bajra Khichdi: This variant features Bajra (pearl millet) along with rice and lentils, providing a unique texture and taste.

Masoor Dal Khichdi: Prepared with red lentils, this khichdi is not only quick to cook but also high in protein and rich in flavor.

Vegetable Khichdi: A wholesome version incorporating various vegetables like peas, carrots, and beans, enhancing both flavor and nutrition.

Spinach and Methi Khichdi: Packed with the goodness of spinach and fenugreek, this khichdi not only satisfies the taste buds but also provides essential nutrients.