10 varieties of raita

Spinach Raita: Nutrient-rich and vibrant, mixing chopped spinach leaves with yogurt, garlic, and roasted cumin powder.

Pineapple Raita: A tropical twist to the classic raita, combining juicy pineapple chunks with yogurt and a hint of chaat masala.

Carrot Raita: Sweet and crunchy, grated carrots blended with yogurt, tempered with mustard seeds, and garnished with coriander.

Beetroot Raita: Vibrantly colored and nutritious, shredded beetroot mixed with yogurt, flavored with roasted cumin and a squeeze of lemon.

Cucumber Raita: Refreshing and cooling, made with diced cucumbers mixed in yogurt with spices like cumin and mint.

Mixed Veggie Raita: A medley of assorted vegetables like bell peppers, corn, and peas, mixed with yogurt and seasoned with chaat masala.

 Mint Raita: A zesty and refreshing raita infused with fresh mint leaves, yogurt, and a pinch of roasted cumin powder.

Tomato Raita: Tangy and colorful, prepared with chopped tomatoes, yogurt, and tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Boondi Raita: Featuring small, crispy chickpea flour balls soaked in creamy yogurt, seasoned with salt and roasted cumin.

Onion Raita: A simple yet flavorful raita made with finely chopped onions, yogurt, and a touch of green chili and coriander.