besst place in mansoon in India

MAHABALESHWAR, It's located in Maharastra, it,' famous for waterfall , straweberry farms

ALLEPPEY, it's located in Kerala, ins mandoon the region is gee freshness touch

SHILONG, it's locaed in Meghalaya, in mansoon bring havey rainfallto the eneree region and make perfect scenery. 

UDAIPUR, it's located in Rajasthan,in masoonn the region get creat magical atmophere .

LONAVALA, it's located in Maharastra in mansoon the lush green hills mist covered valleys make it ideal place

VALLEY OF FLOWER, it's located in Uttarakhand, in mansoon is best time to witness the valley it's full bloom

COORG,it's located in Karnataka, in mansoon  the the coffee plantations and misty valley get very beautiful

MUNNAR, it's locaed in Kerala, in mansoon this region into a green paradise with gushing streams and vibrnt flora.

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