Beautiful dance form in India

Garba it's a  folk dance fof Gujrat, the dance form is  vibrent costumes, invloves circular formation,

Bangra it's local dannce form of Panjab, dance form is involves high energy music,rhythmic music and dance.

Mohiniyatam. it's folk dance form  Kerala, it's involves facial exprissions, dance and drama.

Manipuri it's folk dance form of Maniour, it's involves soft footwork and facial expression

Kathakali, it's folk dace form of Kerala, it's involves colorful drases , elaborate makeup,and beautiful facial expression

Odissi it's folk dance form of Odisha, it's involves facial expression, fluid foot movement.

Kathak, it's local folk dance form of Uttarpradesh, it's involves rhythmic, foootwork and storytelling

Bharatanayam, it's loca dance form of Tail Nadu, it's involvs elobrate facial expression and intrecate foot works.