famous chocolate flavour in India

AMUL  this product include dark chocolates, milk chocolates and flavored chocolates.

Cadbury Dairy Milk this is variety of flavors including fruit and nut,roasted almond,, Nd plain milk chocolate

Nestle KitKat  this include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and green tea.

LANDOR Their range includes truffles, dark chocolates,, milk chocolates,, and pralines..

FERREE ROROCHER  it's a premium choclolte brand it's include crunchy hazelnut pieces and golden-hued hazelnut chocolates filled with creamy chocolate

MARS  their include nougat, caramel. and chocolate,

Cadbury Bournville their including raisin and nuts, plain dark chocolate,  and cranberry.

HERSHEY  their including cookies and cream, milk chocolate bars, and nutty variants

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