beautiful Indian tribes 

MISHING Tribe, they live in Assam,it;s famous for cultural Heritage and handloom textile

BHIL Tribe,  they live in Rajasthan, tit's famous for vibrant attire and heavy silver jeweler .

KHASI Tribe, they llive in Meghalaya, they famous for matrilineal society.

WARLI Tribe, they lives in Maharastra, they famous for  wall painting and depicting daily life.

TODAS ttribe, they live in Tamil Nadu, they famous for his fairy complexion and curly hair.

RABARI Tribe, they live in Gujrat, they women famous for Vibrant coustums and jewelry

NAGA Tribe, they live in Nagalend, thy known for his traditional tattoo and handwoven textile 

GARO tribe , they live in Meghalaya, they known for his vibrant festival and distinct jewelry