Karnataka famous street food

HOLIGE   it's made with cardamom, coconut, sugar 

GOLI BAJE  it's made form spices, yogurt and purpose flour, it's a costal sack 

Gobi Manchurian, it's made form cauliflower , vinegar, spices and soy sauce

MYSORE PAK, it's  made form sugar ghee, chickpea flour

Mangalore Buns, it's made form bred, ripe banana, flour, yogurt 

MADDUR V ADA, it's made form rice flour, semollina, onion and spices

Bisi Bale Bath , it's made form rice, vegetable, spice , ghee, and its served with papad and boondi 

Masala Dosa, it's served with potato curry, chantey, and sambera