NANDA DEVI,  it's located in Uttarakhand,, people believed nandadevi si incarnation  of godess parvati .

PALITANA it's located in Gujrat, people believed to the place where twenty four  Jain Tirthankara attained salvation 

NAIMISHARANYA, it's an ancient forest and people believed to the place spiritual energy

CHITRAKOOT  , its located in Madhya Pradesh, people believed in the place lord ram took a dip in the river Mandakini

DWARKA,  it's located  in Gujrat people believed Dwarka swallowed by the sea after lord Krishana departure  from Earth

MOUNT kAILASH, people believed pilgrims undertake a challenging journey  circumambulate the mountain as part of there spiritual journey 

HAMPI it's located in Karnataka, people believed the place is  Kishkindha  mention the Ramayana, where lord Hanuman meet Lord ram

AMARNATH CAVE,  people believed in this place lord Shiva reveled the secrete of immorality to his consorta