Valmiki Ramayan Bhavan ,it's house a vast collection of books, painting and manuscripts  related to the Ramayana

Ramkatha Museum it's offers Ramayana through intricate sculpture, painting and artifacts. 

Tretiya ke Thakur, it's dedicate to lord Ram and people believed to the sport where Lord ram performed Aswamedha Yagya

Title 1

GUPTA GHAT, people believed lord Ram took a dip in the river to the purify himself before his coronation  as the king of Ayodhya

Nageshwaarnath Temple, According to purran Lord ram installed the Shiva Lingam here before this departure  to the forest

KANAN BHAVAN , people believed that Sita's mother Queen Kaikeyi gift this palce Sita as her weeding present 

HANUMAN GARHI it's known for it's architecture and consiting of 76 step leading to the main shrine

Ram Janmabhoomi, this site is birthplace of Lord Ram