South India famous food

PESARATTU, it's made from green moong dal, it's served by ginger chutney and it's breakfast items

APPAM with STEW,  it's made form rice and coconut batter, it's a breakfast item.

MYSORE MASALA DOSA, it''s served form sambar and coconut chutney  

UDUPI SAMBAR, it's a spicy lentil soup and its served with idli, dosa and rice

PANIYARAM, it's made for batter of rice and lentils, it's sweet snake

CHETTINE CHICKEN, it's served with rice , dosa and appam

Hydrabadi Beryani, it's made with basmti ricce, chicken, mutton and shrimp

MASALA DOSA, it's served with samber and chutny