9 Type of Ghevar(Gujrati sweet) variety

 Rose Ghevar: Rose water or essence is added to the batter or syrup, imparting a floral aroma and delicate taste.

 Mango Ghevar: Perfect for summer, this rendition includes mango pulp or slices, adding a sweet and fruity essence.

Chocolate Ghevar: A modern twist on the classic, featuring a chocolate-infused batter or drizzle for a delightful cocoa flavor.

 Malai Ghevar: Rich and creamy, this variant is topped with thickened milk (malai), offering a decadent flavor.

 Kesariya Ghevar: Saffron-infused syrup or garnish gives this variant a vibrant color and a hint of exotic flavor.

Rabri Ghevar: Drenched in Rabri, a sweet, condensed milk-based sauce, this Ghevar variant is a delight for the senses.

Plain Ghevar: The traditional and most popular version, characterized by its simple yet delicious taste.

 Mawa Ghevar: Made with evaporated milk solids (mawa), this type boasts a dense and indulgent texture.

Dry Fruit Ghevar: Loaded with assorted nuts and dried fruits, this type provides a crunchy texture and nutty undertones.