10 Types of Peda Varieties in India

Rose Peda: Perfumed with the essence of roses, this Peda type offers a floral note, creating a refreshing and aromatic experience.

 Mawa Peda: Utilizing khoya or mawa (reduced milk solids), this Peda variant boasts a dense and grainy texture, providing a unique mouthfeel

 Mathura Peda: Hailing from the sacred city of Mathura, this variety of peda is often made with khoya and flavored with nuts, creating a nutty and wholesome taste.

Badam Peda: A nutritious variation, badam peda incorporates finely ground almonds into the mix, offering a wholesome and nutty profile to this delectable sweet.

 Coconut Peda: Infused with the tropical goodness of coconut, this peda offers a refreshing twist, perfect for those who enjoy a hint of coconut flavor in their sweets.

 Dharwad Peda: Originating from Karnataka, Dharwad peda is characterized by its unique caramelized taste, achieved by slow-cooking milk and sugar.

Kesar Peda: Infused with the aromatic essence of saffron, kesar peda boasts a vibrant yellow hue and a unique, slightly floral flavor.

Chocolate Peda: A modern twist on tradition, chocolate peda combines the goodness of cocoa with the creaminess of milk, resulting in a heavenly, chocolatey delight.

 Fruit Peda: Incorporating fruity flavors like mango or pineapple, this Peda variant introduces a fruity and tangy dimension, perfect for those who enjoy a fruity indulgence.

Dudh Peda: Prepared with milk solids, Dudh Peda offers a chewy and milky treat, often adorned with chopped nuts.