Architectural Splendor of Golden Temple

Night Illumination Thousands of lights reflect on the golden surface, creating a breathtaking spectacle that draws visitors from all over the world

Artistic Decorations ntricate frescoes, stone carvings, and inlay work can be found throughout the complex, showcasing the rich heritage of Sikh craftsmanship

Marble Platform The platform's reflective surface adds to the grandeur of the Golden Temple and creates a mesmerizing visual effect, especially during nighttime

Gilded Architecture  The entire upper structure of the temple is covered with gold leaf, which gives it a resplendent appearance

Central Sanctum The sanctum is adorned with intricate artwork, gold plating, and precious gems, enhancing its visual appeal

Entrance Gates four beautifully decorated entrance gates, known as Deoris, representing openness and acceptance to people of all backgrounds

Amrit Sarovar Pilgrims believe that bathing in its holy waters purifies the soul and brings spiritual healing

Divine Concept  It symbolizes equality and acceptance of all religions and serves as a place of worship for people from various faiths