Himachal pradesh famous street food

Chana Madra  it's made with channa in a yogurt based gravy with a bland of spice and its served with rice, roti

Kullu Trout  it's made with coated with flour , marinated in spice and fried until crispy

MADRA  it's made with channa and kidney beans, it's served with rice, roti

Tudkiya Roti,  it's made with layer of ghee, butter and spice

BABRU  it's like a kachori and it's served with chantey and chhana gravy

Tudkiya Bhat  its made with spice, rice and mixed vegetable 

Chha Gosht  it's made with lamb or goat cooked in yogurt based gravy and it's served with rice, roti

SIDDU  it's made with poppy seed, jaggery and mixed of crushed walnuts