Hotel  in chepest prise and Beautiful View

Khyber Himalyan Resort an Spa, it's located in Gulmarg,it's known for his snow capped mountain view.

The Sarai,it's located in Jaisalmer, its situated in Thar Desert.

Glenburn Tea estated, it's located in Darjeelingk, it's known for his tea garden and Himalayas view. 

Chhatra sager , It's located in Rajasthan , it's known for his beautiful countryside view.

The Windermere Estate, It's located is Munnar, It's known for his Tea Garden view. 

Neeleshwer Hermitage, it's located in Kerala. it's famous for his coconut groves

La Maison  Tamoule,it's located in Pondichrry. it's famous for his French Colony style.

The Kumaon, It's located in Uttarakhand. it's known for his Himalayan mountain view.