Healthy Jam Variety 

 Guava Jam: Known for its distinctive taste, guava jam is a unique option that adds a tropical twist to your breakfast spread

 Kiwi Jam: For those seeking a tangy and refreshing option, kiwi jam is a unique choice that stands out with its vibrant green color

Plum Jam: Plum jam, with its deep purple hue, offers a delightful combination of sweetness and a slightly tart undertone.

Pineapple Jam: Bringing a tropical touch, pineapple jam provides a burst of tropical sweetness, perfect for those who enjoy a more exotic flavor.

 Papaya Jam: With its mild sweetness, papaya jam is a mellow and soothing option that appeals to those with a preference for subtler flavors.

Strawberry Jam: A classic favorite, strawberry jam is loved for its vibrant color and the sweet-tart taste of fresh strawberries.

Orange Marmalade: A zesty and citrusy jam made from oranges, featuring a delightful combination of sweet and tangy notes.

Gooseberry (Amla) Jam: Packed with antioxidants, gooseberry jam provides a health-conscious option with a unique, slightly sour taste.

Fig Jam: A rich and indulgent choice, fig jam adds a touch of sophistication to your palate with its deep, sweet flavor.

Mango Jam: A tropical delight, mango jam captures the essence of India's favorite fruit, offering a sweet and tangy flavor profile.