India best Lake 

Pichola Lake, it's located in Udaipur, it's known for his boat rides and palaces.

Wular Lake, it's located in kashmir and it's known for his birdwatching point and fresh waater lake

Nanital Lake, it's located in Uttrakhand  it's surrounded beautiful valley.

Pushkar Lake. it's located in Rajasthan.iit's famous for his Camel Fair.

Pangong Tso. it's located in Ladakh. it's known for his crystal clear water

Chilika lake. It's lacated in Odisha. it's  known for his migration bird

Vemvanad Lake, its located in Kerala. it's known for his traditional houseboat.

Dal lake, it's located in Srinagar, it's known for his shikara rides.