Mishtis of Bengal Sandesh Varieties 

 Rose Sandesh: A fragrant twist to the classic Sandesh, featuring the essence of roses, giving it a subtle floral note and a touch of elegance.

Pista Sandesh: Infused with the goodness of pistachios, this Sandesh variant offers a nutty crunch and a vibrant green hue.

Mango Sandesh: Celebrating the tropical delight, this variation incorporates the lusciousness of mango pulp, bringing a burst of fruity goodness.

Chocolate Sandesh: Combining the timeless taste of Sandesh with the indulgent sweetness of chocolate, creating a delightful fusion of flavors.

 Coconut Sandesh: Transporting taste buds to the coastal regions, this Sandesh incorporates grated coconut, providing a delightful tropical taste.

 Strawberry Sandesh: Merging the sweetness of Sandesh with the tartness of strawberries, creating a refreshing and visually appealing dessert.

 Kesar Sandesh: A delectable sweet featuring the aromatic essence of saffron, adding a rich and distinctive flavor to the traditional Sandesh.

Gajar Sandesh is primarily a milk-based sweet, with paneer (Indian cottage cheese) being a key ingredient, lending it a rich and creamy texture.

Mawa Sandesh: Rich and decadent, this Sandesh is made with khoya (reduced milk), providing a creamy and luxurious texture to this classic sweet.

Almond Sandesh: Elevating the texture with the addition of finely chopped almonds, this variant brings a delightful crunch to the softness of Sandesh