NARENDRA TANK, it's sacred pond where devotes take a holy dip before enter the temple  

Sudarshan Craft Museum the mesuem showcase artifact made by artisans trained  in the traditional  art of stone  and wood carving

Ragrajpur Heritage Village the village famous for artisans home, pattachitra it's a traditional scroll painting

Gundicha temple people believed during ratha yatra fastival lord Jaganath and his siblings  stay here for a week

Chilika lake   it's about 50 k.m from puri it's famous for variety of migratory bird and rare Irrawaddy dolphins 

Konark Temple , it's  famous for intricate stone carving, architectural brilliance and chariot shaped structure 

Puri Beach  it's most relexing part of puri and you can enjoying also swimming and surfing and moter boat riding

Jagannath Temple it's dedicatd for lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balbhadra, and it's famous for Ratha yatra festival