South Indian minimal oil Breakfasts

Appam: Soft, lacy pancakes with a slightly sweet taste, made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk, often enjoyed with coconut milk or vegetable stew.

 Oats Pongal: A healthy twist to the classic Pongal, this version uses oats to create a delicious and oil-free breakfast option.

Steamed Vada: Prepare steamed vadas, a lighter version of the deep-fried classic. These fluffy and steamed lentil dumplings make for a guilt-free breakfast when served with mint or coconut chutney.

Poha Upma: A light and flavorful dish made from flattened rice, Poha Upma is a popular South Indian oil-free breakfast option.

 Ragi Idli: Incorporating the goodness of finger millet, Ragi Idli is a nutritious and oil-free alternative to traditional rice-based idlis.

 Rava Dosa: A crispy and delightful choice, Rava Dosa is made with semolina and requires minimal oil for cooking, making it a favorite in South Indian households.

 Adai: A protein-packed pancake made from a mix of lentils and rice, spiced with red chilies and curry leaves, offering a wholesome and nutritious breakfast.

Pesarattu: A nutritious and oil-free breakfast, Pesarattu is a popular South Indian dish made from green gram, ginger, and green chilies. It's not only healthy but also delicious.