Most 8 beautiful temple 

Khajuraho Temple, it's located in Madhya Pradesh it's known for beautiful sculpture and intricate carving. 

Somnath Temple, it's located in Gujrat. it's one of twelve  Jyotirlinga..

Jaganath Temple Puri, it's located in Odisha. it's known for his beautiful architecture and ratha yatra.

Bridhaesweer temple,mIt's located in Tanjaur. its known for beautiful intricate carving and massive granite dome. 

Kedalayan  temple, its located in Himalayan rang Uttrakhand. it's known for one of twelve jyotirlinga .

Meenakdhi Temple,  it's located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. the temple known for beautiful vibrant colors and towering gopurams.

Golden Temple , it's located in Amritsar, Punjab, it's famous for beautiful golden dome.

Akshardham temple, it's located in Delhi its' made for ancient Vedic technique.