Different types of Indian delicious papads

 Spinach Papad: Incorporating the goodness of spinach, these papads are a healthier alternative with a vibrant green hue.

 Poha Papad: A unique twist using flattened rice, offering a crunchy bite with every serving.

Nachni papad is a traditional Indian delicacy made from finger millet flour, popularly known as nachni or ragi.

Sabudana Papad: Typically consumed during religious fasts, sabudana papads are made from tapioca pearls and provide a chewy texture.

Urad Dal Papad: Made from black gram, these papads are a popular choice and are often seasoned with various spices.

Moong Dal Papad: Created from green gram, moong dal papads are known for their light and crispy texture, perfect for snacking.

Rice Papad: Common in Southern India, rice papads are thin and delicate, offering a unique alternative to the traditional gram-based ones.

Punjabi Masala Papad: A North Indian favorite, these papads are generously sprinkled with a blend of aromatic spices, enhancing their taste.

 Black Pepper Papad: Infused with the boldness of black pepper, this variant adds a spicy kick to the traditional papad.

Garlic Papad: Aromatic and flavorful, garlic papads are favored for their distinctive taste and fragrance.